Celebrated a birthday with 250+ God blessed kids in Chennapuri Samajam, Adyar

Wah reh Wah…!!!
It was Deepa’s Birthday and we rejoiced, celebrated and entertained…!!!
But You may think what is so special with this birthday!
Al I could say is, it was a heavenly feel when we gave happiness to 250+ God bless children and made them smile, and burst out of laughter like never before.
And this is why, today’s birthday is soooooo special and close to our hearts!
#Chennai #Event #Emcees” team celebrated and rejoiced with 250+ God blessed kids in #Chennapuri #Samajam, Adyar
Thank you #Mimicry Karunai Prakash & #Magician Kar Thik for giving your presence..
As usual you people rocked with your Mimicry & Magic.. (Y) 🙂
Special thanks to #Herbet (Prakash’s friend) for being so patient enough to be there almost till the end of the show..
Thank you #CEE team.. You people rocked as always.. (Y)
Hearty thanks to #Deepa for exhibiting such a benevolent action by doing a great thing on your birthday…
It feels really happy and elated thinking of your brought up by your parents.
On behalf of #CEE I thank you for giving us this opportunity to entertain those God blessed Children..
Last but not the least Thank you so much Sumana Perumalla for being the reason and bridge between #Deepa and #CEE, also for creating such a beautiful opportunity for all of us to be a part of this noble deed.
And finally a big thanks to my Mentor and Guru MC Thamizharasan R K for taking all the initiative in doing this event. Without you this event wouldn’t have been this great and memorable…
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Humble Regards,
CEE Team