Celebrating CEE’s BIG DAY – 22nd July 2017

First of all a big thanks to all those in the below list and Congratulations for helping us making it a BIGGGGG DAYYYY…. (y) 🙂 _/|\_
Yes! under the brand “Chennai Event Emcees”
7 Events (6 direct and one indirect) have happened on July 22nd 2017 and 14 individual Event Professionals were used (6 Emcees, 4 Promoters, 1 Performer, 1 Artist, 1 Trainee,1 Client Servicing Manager).
Thanks to all the people who were DIRECTLY or INDIRECTLY associated with #CEE to make this BIG DAY a grand success – 22nd July 2017
1. Tamil Bharathi – Trainee
2. Mageshbmw Waran – Tattoo Artist
3. India Beatboxer Gokulakrishnan – Performer
4. Devishree VJ – MC
5. Vihashini Sakkaravarthy – MC
6. Viji Radhakrishnan – MC
7. Komal Jain – MC
8. Agalya – Promoter
9. Leena – Promoter
10. Rajkumar – Promoter
11. Manish – Promoter
12. Sumana Perumalla – Client Service manager
13. MC Thamizharasan R K – MC
14. MC Nandhini Aravindan – MC
Hearty thanks to the #Clients and #Event #Managers for their confidence on “Chennai Event Emcees”
1. Mr. Arun – Client
2. Mr. Anand – Droit Events
3. Mr. Saleem – Client
4. Mr. Samarth – Manzil Events
5. Mr. M.r. RajeshKumar Kmr – KMR Events
6. Mr. Vincent – Client
7. Mr. Harry – Event Manager
Special and hearty thanks to Kavas Pandian for referring Saleem sir.
Special and hearty thanks to JayShree Senthil for referring the Navy event.
Special and hearty thanks to CEE manpower partner #Aashish for the timely help.
This is one such day Chennai Event Emcees is aspiring for. 10 Events in a day and 15 such days in a month,where MC Nandhini Aravindan​ and MC Thamizharasan R K​ doing Emceeing in 2 different events on a day and our team members doing rest of the 8 events minimum. _/\_
Once again a big Thanks to all our Clients, Event Managers, Team Members and Friends who have been the reason behind this Big Day. _/\_
Chennai Event Emcees Thamizharasan and Nandhini
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