Employee to Entrepreneur – How did it happen

Employee to Entrepreneur – How did it happen

Thank you all for your responses and wishes for my company registration. A lot of queries came in as a result of this post and would like to answer them in group so that others too get benefited.

Chennai Event Emcees registered Employee to Entrepreneur

First thing a lot of you asked me was “How come you were able to make a shift from Employee to Entrepreneur“. I have already answered this in a lot other earlier posts in the past but still would sum them up here. I attend a lot of training programs and those training programs were the base for most of my actions. One thing what I understood in life is self motivation is alone not needed to grow in career, we would need tools and techniques along with Self Motivation.

Along with core skills, we would definitely need marketing and business skills. I started acquiring these skills through the training programs I attended and I would always give credit to my Mentor Coach and Consultant Dr Maharaja Sivasubramanian N to have coached me on business skills, marketing, team creation and a lot more.

Whenever someone asks me to train them on these skills, I direct them to Dr Maharaja; I’m not qualified yet to take such trainings. When they ask me if his workshop would give result, my answer has always been that “any workshop you attend would give result only when you take action and implement things you learnt in the workshop”. Whenever I refer someone to him, I tell them clearly that they can contact him if they have burning desire to achieve something in their profession and ONLY if they are ready to take immediate action.

I was able to become an entrepreneur in less than 5 years. I quit my full time job in October 2012 and have registered my company in June 2017. But it took just 1 year for my business partner MC Nandhini Aravindan to get into entrepreneurship. After her professional association with me for 1 year, She quit her full time job in July 2016 and now she is the co-founder of Chennai Event Emcees. She was able to achieve this because of one main reason that she made use of the opportunities I provided and she was willing to undergo training from the coaches whoever I referred. One major reason for her success is the online marketing she has done through her websites and social media which she learnt from me and also directly from our mentor Dr Maharaja.

Chennai Event Emcees Thamizharasan and Nandhini attending Business Coaching Program of their Mentor Coach and Consultant Dr Maharaja SivaSubramanian N

So those who have been asking me again and again on the tools and techniques to build their career, I would suggest you to undergo business coaching programs and training programs that would help you to progress in your career in a rapid way. One such program is Dr Maharaja’s “Power 40” program for which I shall share the information in next msg. Or you shall message me on mobile to get further info.

All the best everyone!

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Author of this post is Male Emcee Thamizharasan Karunakaran