Event Opportunities How to collaborate with us in events Part 1 of 2

Event Opportunities – How to collaborate with us in events Part 1 of 2

Dear Event Professionals,

A lot of you have been approaching us for event opportunities and also collaboration with us. So we thought that we would update the possibilities as a post and share it with those who wanted to work with us. We would update this post regularly. Before we proceed further a small intro about us.

Emcees Thamizharasan and Nandhini - Female and Male MC in Chennai

We are Thamizharasan and Nandhini, Event Emcees from Chennai who host events as small as a Family get together to as big as a Corporate Show. We have been hosting events in Bengaluru, Chennai and other parts of Tamilnadu. We are also expanding our services to Pondicherry (Puducherry / Pondy) and other parts of India.

Since we have a very strong social media presence, we keep getting enquiries every day from direct clients, event managers and also we get enquiries from other emcees, freshers and college students who look for part time jobs.

When the enquiries come from clients and event managers, there is no issues at all for us. We handle their queries and support them with their event in whatever the way we can. However when we get enquiries from freshers and college students, we get more responsibilities of guiding them and helping them get suitable opportunities. However not all the enquiries are genuine and serious. People after seeing our social media posts think that they too are interested in events field and they approach us. But after few days or after a couple of events, we realize that they are not with the same seriousness with which they approached us.

Hence we decided not to spend too much time with every person who asks us for help. Rather we decided to have certain set of screening questions and homeworks, so that we shall decide who is really serious and then shall help them.

As of now whoever approach us for Emcee Training, we send them our Emcee Training link http://emceethamizh.com/emcee-training/ which is absolutely free and ask them to go through the videos and articles and then get back to us. If they don’t find time to do that or if they don’t have interest to do that, then definitely they are not the right trainees for us or rather we can say we are not right trainers for them. This is the way we work and train and we would be looking out for people who would fit into this.

For those who approach us for Event opportunities, we add them to our Whatsapp group where several opportunities are posted regularly by other event professionals. They  shall ping us on 9840003813 giving a brief intro about them to get added in the group.

These are the two ways we have been supporting others who approach us for training or opportunities. However there is a 3rd category where people want to associate with us and work together in a few of our projects. In turn they will also be helpful for us in expanding our team so that we shall take bigger projects.

It’s for them we are writing the 2nd part of this post where we share the project details we handle and in what way others can associate with us. So you shall decide in which category you fall in and you shall act accordingly. Click here to read Part 2.

All the best.

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