Looking for Emcee Trainees in Chennai Can Give Training

Looking for Emcee Trainees (Male / Female ) who are very serious about taking Emceeing as career (or atleast part time for next 1 year).
Can give training and make you host different genre of events.

Who can take up this role?
Freelancers, Trainers, College Students, Corporate Employees, Actors, Anchors.

What is the basic requirement to be an Emcee?
You should be confident enough to speak in a flow in English / Tamil / Hindi and interact with people. Language is not a barrier.

What is that we expect from you?
Would need your dedication, regular communication, ready to learn attitude and money shouldn’t be the primary motto. We train you with the principle “LEARN & EARN”

What you need to do?
Interested shall ping us on 9840003813 / 8939809955. Will add you to our closed Whatsapp group and discuss further. Inactive members for a long time will be removed.

Would be glad to join you in our team if you come with the right attitude (y) Best wishes (y)

PS : If you have never known what is Emcee / Emceeing, here is a small note about it.
An emcee is the one who hosts a live event (similar to a VJ hosting a TV show).The word EmCee has come from the abbreviation “MC” which is the abbreviation for “Master of Ceremonies“; The one who masters the ceremony. Live events include Birthday Parties, Naming Ceremonies, Corporate Outing, Corporate Annual Meet / Conference, Product Launches, Book Releases, New Year Celebrations, Festival Celebrations, Get together, School Events, Game Shows at Mall / Office / Corporate, Annual Day, etc.

To know more about emceeing and our other training material, do visit the link http://emceethamizh.com/emcee-training/

– Chennai Event Emcees Thamizharasan and Nandhini

Event Event Emcee Training Anchors Thamizharasan and Nandhini