New Year Party Events Tips for Master of Ceremonies

New Year Party Events Tips for Master of Ceremonies

* Half an hour once, keep giving headsup about new year and bring in the peppy mood
* Introduce the performing teams and the performers
* Ask the guests about favorite movies, songs, favorite incidents, great learning, achievements, new friends, new relationships, new businesses – all that happened in 2016
* Ask about the plans and goals for 2017, discuss goal setting tips
* Ask if anyone celebrates their birthday or anniversary on new year and celebrate it on stage
* Teach basic dance steps on stage and make the guests dance
* Give count down when it nears 00:00 and wish “Happy New Year
* Conduct a few games as fillers in between the performances

These are just basic tips. You shall use your own creativity to add more colours to your event.
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Chennai Event Emcees Nandhini and Thamizharasan initiating dance at New year Party 2016

Chennai EnterTrainer Thamizharasan speaking about New Year Resolution Tips at a New Year Party in Chennai:

Chennai Event Emcees Thamizharasan and Nandhini giving tips to host New Year Party


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