Participated in Mega TV Show Vinayagar Chathurthi Special Naan Aanaiyittal_05th September 2016

A Shoot that was fun- filled and made us laugh out loud for the complete day!
The arena was entirely packed with lotta entertainment and fun, nothing more than that…!!!
Well this is about a show where we were invited the day before by our friend VJ Sathish popularly known as Chweet Sathish. We were told that it was a special shoot for Ganesh Chathurthi. Hence we four of us finally reached the shooting spot which nothing but our favorite Marina Beach with a length of 13 km, it is considered the World’s second longest urban beach, although there exist in fact several longer beaches. The day started with awesome energy with friends meeting after a long time.

The entire show can be told as an impromptu, yes it was! We did not plan anything that day, it was all fun-fun and fun only… Pulling other’s legs were the aim of the entire show. The only concept behind the show was to celebrate the day of Vinayagar Chathurthi and to talk and share things about Lord Ganesha that we knew. VJ Sathish was such a talented fellow where he was very spontaneous in pulling our legs. But we kept up to his level and tried to pull his legs in turn. Amazing time with friends after a long time with a special coverage from MEGA TV was an added bonus for us. Literally we were laughing to death during the shoot as we all were in full form and made fun of each other to make the show livelier. Over-all it was one of the memorable days where we had ultimate fun on all 360 degree.

Once again I would like to thank our very naughty and talented friend VJ Sathish(Chweet Sathish) for having invited us for his show and to give us all an opportunity to meet again after a long time. A day started and ended with unforgettable moments.

Thanks to our friends Editor Ram & Anu for coming all the way to join us on the fun.

Mega TV Show Naan Aanaiyittal Part 1

Mega TV Show Naan Aanaiyittal Part 2

Mega TV Show Naan Aanaiyittal Part 3

Emcees Thamizharasan and Nandhini in Mega TV show Naan Aanaiyittal

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This article has been written by Emcee Nandhini.