Product Promotions through Mall Activities

Product Promotions Chennai Corporate Emcee Nandhini at Phoenix Market City for DatsunPurpose of Product Promotions events in Mall / IT Park :

  1. To create awareness about the product
  2. Marketing and branding
  3. To collect leads
  4. To make Sale
  5. To invite for a next bigger event

Basic Requirements for product promotions through mall activities:

  1. Stall set up (Stage, back drop, tables, chairs)
  2. Sound system (Mic and speakers based on the stall size and the activity area)
  3. Event Emcee to host the event
  4. Promoter boys and girls to assist the emcee and collect leads
  5. Subject matter expert / executive from the client’s side to explain about the products / services
  6. Brochures and marketing material about the products / services
  7. Gifts for the participants

Roles :

Product Promotions Chennai Corporate Emcee Nandhini at The Forum Vijaya Mall for Radio CityRole of the Event Emcee in Product Promotions:

  • Give announcement in mic
  • Pull in the crowd through games
  • Explain the main features about the products / services in mic

Promoter boys / girls:

  • Take care of registration / lead collection (Name, phone number, email etc) from the assembled crowd (those who have come to the stall to take part in the game conducted by the emcee)
  • Distribute brochures
  • Assist the emcee in games
  • Explain the features of the products / services one to one to the visitors

Subject Matter Experts:

  • Explain the maximum features about the products / services to the visitors
  • Collect the contact details and make a note of the hot leads to have follow up after the event
  • Give further contact information to the visitors like office address, branches, varieties in products, etc

Sound Operator / DJ :

  • Take care of mic and audio equipment and make adjustments as and when needed
  • Play music when needed

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Product Promotions through Mall Activities Chennai Event Emcees Nandhini and Thamizharasan

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