Promotions through Digital Marketing – Framework

Marketing is very important for any organization. To do the marketing in an effective way, you would need proper training. As I always say “Amount invested in marketing is inversely proportional to the amount invested on Training; Marketing is temporary and it’s for particular domain whereas Training is life long and can be used for any domain“.

Also to make the marketing more effective for your particular business, you would need a Business Coach and  Consultant. When you meet a Business Consultant, the primary questions he would ask you are your business goals and your personal goals.

Once you reveal your business goals, consultant will give you a framework on what are the works involved in your marketing. In this article I would like to share some of the framework a business consultant would discuss for Online Marketing (Digital Marketing).

  • Marketing Medium (What are the social media platforms)
  • Marketing Content (What are the types of content pieces to be prepared)
  • Topics on which articles are to be written
  • Basic procedure to include SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in your articles.
  • Types of resources that would be needed to execute the above plans.

Chennai Event Emcees Thamizharasan and Nandhini attending Digital Marketing Workshop by Dr Maharaja SivaSubramanian NA lot of my contacts ask me to do digital marketing for them or ask me to teach them basics to start their digital marketing. I tell them that Digital Marketing is a huge topic and cannot be learnt in a day. It would need proper training. I’m not a professionally qualified person to teach them digital marketing. I have been doing digital marketing for myself and my brand Chennai Event Emcees (Emceeing, Emcee Management and Event Management). I have been doing these with the guidance from my Mentor, Consultant and Coach Dr Maharaja SivaSubramanian N. He has trained me in person, I have attended a lot of his workshops, I have done a lot of social media tasks for his brands as Intern and this is how I learnt digital marketing and applied it for myself which has been giving me great results.
Chennai Event Emcees Thamizharasan and Nandhini attending Digital Marketing Workshop by Dr Maharaja SivaSubramanian N

So my suggestions to those who ask me about digital marketing would be:
1) Attend workshops and Training to learn marketing in depth so that you shall execute them or make your team members execute them.

2) Fix an appointment with an Online Branding Consultant, Business Coach, Business Consultants to get the frame work for your marketing and you can execute it by yourself or by your team.

3) Hire a Consultant and his team who can take care of planning as well as the execution. But still you would need to have initial level of discussion with them to make them understand your goals.

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Chennai Event Emcees Thamizharasan and Nandhini about Digital Marketing

PS : This article has been written by Male Emcee Thamizharasan