Questions that are to be asked when you get an event enquiry

When you get an event enquiry over the phone or email, you need to ask a few basic questions to the prospects to know more about the event and get a rough idea about the event to create the action plan.

Chennai Event Emcees Thamizharasan and Nandhini Event EnquiryHi!

Emcee Nandhini and Emcee Thamizharasan here. We are Event Emcees from Chennai. We have been hosting Birthday parties, Sangeet, Wedding Receptions, Corporate Outings, Team Building Activities, Out Bound Training, Product Launches, Mall Activities, Annual days, Conferences, Quiz Shows, etc at Chennai and other parts of Tamilnadu. We always wanted to give the clients what they wanted plus what’s the best we can give them to make them more than happy and give great memories to them, their families, relatives and friends.

So when we get an event enquiry call, we ask these questions to our prospects to understand the event better so that we shall serve them better.

  1. What is the type of the event?
  2. What is the purpose of the event?
  3. When is the event?
  4. What is the event timing?
  5. Where is the event?
  6. What is the audience size?
  7. What are the demographics of the audience?
  8. What are the resources needed for the event?
  9. What are the resources already booked for the event?
  10. What is the budget allotted / available?

Quick Checklist for Event Enquiry:

  • Type of the event
  • Purpose of the event
  • Date
  • Timing
  • Venue
  • Audience Size
  • Demographics of audience
  • Resources needed
  • Resources booked
  • Budget

Download this image for your future reference:Checklist for Event Enquiry

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This article has been written by Emcee Thamizharasan.