Simple tips to start emceeing career

Simple tips to start emceeing career

Happy to receive a call today from a Male Emcee named Nitin from Kolkatta. He said “Brother, I called you exactly 43 days back and the 2 powerful tips you told me has started giving me great results and I never thought there would be such a big change in my career. Though my call with you that day was for just 20 minutes, you have brought in a big change in my life”.

This post is not to boast about myself. Its to convey that such calls and messages motivates me more and more and makes me more responsible to guide the amateurs who are looking for a great career. It feels really great when someone accepts our suggestion, implements it and get great results. on Top of that when they call us with gratitude to share their success story, there is no limit for our joy <3 <3

Here is the case study:

This guy found me online and called me 1.5months back saying he was from Kolkatta and had been looking for opportunities in event industry. He said that he had studied an event management course in Mumbai for a year but when it comes for practical life, he was clueless how to start the career. Also being a male emcee is a big challenge

I Suggested him just two things.
1) Start building your profile by doing as many events as possible. Do not focus on payment, initially it’s a number game to get more contacts, more confidence and improve skills.

2) Start budding up with other senior emcees. Whereever other emcees go, ask them if you can join them. When you go with other emcees, you can help them by taking photos and videos for them and you can learn the emceeing activities by being an observer there.

These are the two simple tips I suggested him and initially he was little skeptical whether other emcees would allow him to come with them. But today he spoke with great excitement that most of the emcees were ready to take him with them when he asked and it had given him a great results now.Tips to start emceeing career by Emcee Trainer Thamizharasan KarunakaranI don’t know if I’m worth the words what he used on the call today. If I share them here it may feel like I’m boasting too much about myself. But still wanna share them, couldn’t resist sharing. He said “You are like God who has come into my life. I have never thought that someone from miles apart may help me build my career. Even I used to tell my mom that God has sent a right person at right time to guide me”. Again I’m saying I don’t know if I’m worth the words he has said but the excitement and the joy he had when he expressed these things, gives me more motivation and more responsibility that I cannot slow down my growth and my venture of making others grow.

For other emcees information, this is one of the videos where I have shared the above tips :

Tips to amateurs to start Emceeing career_Master of Ceremonies Trainer Thamizharasan

With utmost humbleness and feet on the ground,
MC Thamizharasan R K

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