Virtual Emcee or Digital Emcee or Online Emcee or Remote Emcee?

Due to Covid-19 Out break and Lockdown across the World, a lot of new careers have emerged virtually. One such career is Online Anchoring. Event Anchors who have been hosting the on-stage events have started hosting digital events.

The role of an event anchor is to host the show formally and engage the audience. Even in the virtual events, the role remains the same for the event emcees. However there are lot more additional responsibilities added to the online emcees like handling the technical stuffs and keep monitoring the chat window regularly. We will discuss these in later posts.

Here in this post I would like to clarify one of the common questions that comes in the mind of the Emcees, Event Managers and also the Clients. It’s nothing but the question “Can we still call these people as Event Emcees or any other names to be given to them?

Being an Event Emcee for the last 9 years and also having strong online presence, I did a few research online and found out that the most commonly used title as of now is “Virtual Emcee” and the next common title is “Remote Emcee”. There are few people using the titles “Online Emcee” and “Digital Emcee”; nothing wrong in using these titles as well.

So I would like to be called as Virtual Emcee Thamizharasan Karunakaran. What do you like to be called if you were an Event Anchor and currently you have started hosting online events? Please do connect with me on +91-9003087198 or

Virtual Emcee or Remote Emcee or Online Emcee or Digital Emcee?

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Chennai Event Professionals MCs Nandhini Aravindan Thamizharasan Karunakaran
Chennai Event Emcees and Entertainers Thamizharasan Karunakaran and Nandhini Aravindan here. We are Master of Ceremonies, MC Managers and Emcee Trainers based at Chennai and operate across the country. We have been hosting all sort of Family Parties to Corporate Events at Chennai and other Parts of Tamilnadu, Bengaluru, Pondicherry, New Delhi, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Karnataka and in Malaysia too. We are well prepared to expand to other parts of India.

We also show our presence in Tamil Television Channels (Sun TV, Zee Tamil, Makkal TV, Mega TV, Vijay TV) and several Youtube Channels. We have also acted in an Award winning Tamil Movie “Aruvi“ and Award winning Short Film “Rudran

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We are the Founders of the brands Chennai Event Emcees (Focusing on Emcee Training and Business Skills Training) and Chennai Event Entertainers (focusing on collaboration with other Event Professionals and organizing events – MC Management, Artiste Management, Performers Management and helping the clients meet their Event Management Needs through our tie-up with the other vendors). We have also launched the brand Chennai Event Professionals which would be the parent brand for the above two brands.

If you are looking for an Event Anchor (Emcee) or an Event Organizer / Manager / Planner for your event, please feel free to contact us. Would be glad to serve you and create memories for yourselves and your guests.

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  • Fashion Show
  • Dealers Meet
  • Product Launch
  • Awards Function
  • Roadshows
  • Celebrity Events
  • Dance Shows
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  • Festival Events (New Year, Diwali / Deepavali , Pongal, Christmas, etc)
    and any other customized events

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